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Monday, August 14, 2006

Some Major Weeds Fix...

If you do not want to know what is gonna happen in the first 4 epis, do not read it at all, cause contains major spoilers. But if you do want to know, well, then greenlight yourself. But fast your seat belts first, cause this seems to be a wilder season!

The Hindu guy that now is taking care of Nancy's bakery, set the shop on fire to collect the insurance. Mission accomplished.

Nancy and Conrad break up their friendship but soon restore it. Celia's husband get even with Conrad for screwing up his wife. Celia decides to run against Doug.

Nancy's brother in law teaches her youngest son a thing or two about self-service jerking off in one of the funniest scenes ever and yet, takes the boy for his first hand-job ever. Not kidding here!

Nancy will come up with an excuse to break up with her DEA lover: his job is just too dangerous to bear. But the guy is way smarter than she thought and he had already figure out what she does for a living. He states that she is small fish and is not interested in jail her at all. And to prove that he wants to be with her because, he and Nancy go to Vegas and marry in one of those Elvis' chapel. This way, in any circumstances he can go against her on court, ever!

The new "growing" venture get established in a new neighborhood and they already get problems with one of their neighbor.

Nancy's older son will have this "great idea" to keep her deaf girlfriend attached to him eternally: he will pin a condom without her knowing it and bum! impregnate her. Drama to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it true or just a guess?

12:43 PM  
Blogger Lola Hernandez said...

Nope, I have seen it by myself. Inless I was hallucinating, that is the way Weeds goes.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Lola Hernandez said...

I meant Unless.

11:56 AM  

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