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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway - Best. Reality Show. Ever?

It is not because I have fashion in my blood but Project Runway is definitely, tied with The Amazing Race, the best reality show on TV. This season in particular, the show is THIS good. I mean, the tasks, the characters(yeah, because they are!), the twists, the surprises, the drama, the dresses... everything simply works. And they come in the right doses.

After last week's shocker (my personal favorite Allison was aufed from the show instead of Vincent - the nut head case - who I personally would never ever order a dress from), who could have imagined that this week we would have another twist? And equally big.

First, a new set of models: a family member of each one of the contestants showed up on the catwalk to be picked but not by their own. Drama, drama, drama. Funny thing noted: as the designers started to pick their models... they started by picking the thinner ones first, cause you know, designers nowadays only think and design for a size 2 women. Larger than that, they have not a clue about! Totally unvisited territory.

And we had even more drama between Angela's mother and Jeffrey... I mean, I know Jeffrey can be an ass some times but hey, that woman and her sweet voice not even once convinced me she was a victim there. She was a mellow, dissimulated beyotch. And I was very glad to see Jeffrey staying other than leaving although his creation was not the most flattering outfit. Robert was the one sent home for his plain designs that had become very much Robert's style(or lack of it?) on the show. But, the real surprise, besides the fact that Laura is actually pregnant with her sixth child (OMG: is she insane?), was seeing Vincent - yeah, Vincent! -winning the damn competition. And more surprisingly, with a really wearable and pretty dress. I guess, Uli's mom (aka Vincent's model) had a lot to do with it, but hey, that is just my bitchy opinion.

In any case, that was a killer episode and I cannot wait to see who will win this darn hot thing. And if you are not watching it, you are missing a great abfab show! My faves? After Allison and Keith withdraws, Uli and Michael. By the way, loved Michael's dress! I could be wearing it right now...


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