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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More About Reality Shows...

Responding to my previous post... Yes, Project Runway is the best reality show evah! And the reason for that is, it keeps getting better each episode. This week's, the designers had to make a garment for an international jet setter: themselves. If by not this twist, they had to fly to, where else?, Paris with their outfit and be graded accordingly. Jeffrey won with his rock star wannabe look. Loved it, especially after last week's blow, however Michael to me looks like the contestant to beat. His creations are always interesting, if not innovative and totally wearable. Love him. The looser who had to fly straight back home was Angela. Seriously, I have no idea how the hell this hillby girl was still in the competition and Allison was not. She will not be missed, for sure.

If PR is heading towards the top reality shows... Laguna Beach is sinking to the bottom. By the way, who is watching that crap besides me? I confess: I am addicted to the idea of the show but this season, those plain Janes are getting into my nerves.... and the story lines... it is like only about which party they are gonna crash next. Is that exciting? How? Oh, please tell me I was not that bitchy or stupid, or shallow or whatever when I was a teenager... I could not have been, could I? Anyway, if the show continues in that direction I will be cheering for a cancellation, cause once an addict, always an addict no matter how crappy it gets. And quite frankly, it cannot get crappier! I am already starting to miss LC... and her show was not that good either...

And how about Rock Star Supernova? Last week's Magni performance as one of the bottom three ruled, dude. That was the best performance I saw so far in the show. And this year, the show is so great with amazing performances. I think even for those who do not like rock and roll, the show is a must-watch TV. I am gonna be very honest with you guys... I would not know which one to choose if I was a Supernova band member, so great the contestants are. And Ryan voted off this week? A major surprise to me. I did not think he would be the one picked to front Supernova but I thought he would make to the final selection... Sooo wrong I was... Although I love Storm, I think she will be the next to go. And besides Magni and Dilana, I think Toby won me lately and any of these 3 can be the new band singer... Any bets?


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