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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Yeap! Nothing better than to start our "WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR FAVE SHOWS THIS SEASON" series with our mighty, fave of all faves, Lost.

Well, since the end of season 2 last May, we know more or less what season 3 was going to be all about. And with a few hints here and there by its producers and cast, we can safely assume that good things are coming. Or at least, some good answers to some yet unanswered questions are expected, especially regarding "Otherville". Who the hell are the OTHERS? Where and how do they live? What the heck do they want with the beauty trio? I guess, it is safe to bet, those questions will be answered. But if those answers will raise a few others, well... yet to be seen.

Some new additions to the cast will include Elizabeth Mitchell who will probably be a member of the Others who will have some sort of relationship with Jack and the cutie blonde from Related, Kiele Sanchez who will possibly be the new Latino hunk Rodrigo Santoro's love interest on the island. About those last two newbies: well, I know some people mentioned that they might be part of the other survivors who never had a storyline or anything, but to me, they will show up at the island because of the "little" incident that Locke and Desmond made happened. Maybe because of it their plane, boat or spacecraft (who knows? it is a TV show for Christ's sake!) crashed on the island... But hey, this is just me, speculating... nothing but.

And speaking of cast additions... Michael Emerson (Henry Gale) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) are now part of the main cast, the regulars. Super.

The Plot lines: they will let the island mythology rest (but don't worry the lostzilla- smoking monster - will be back) and cut a little on the main cast flashbacks and will invest on the Others as I mentioned before, on what happened on the island before Dharma Initiative landed there, on some sand romances and on what Penny Widmore and crew is all about.

Plus, they intend to show 6 nonstop epis and then go on a 13 week break to return with 16 or 17 new epis straight away. IMHO this will only lead us, Lostees, into a very long and dry Cold Turkey... But, anyways, it is wait and see.

Other Revelations: we will know how Locke ended up in a wheel chair,why Libby went insane, how Jack got his tatoos, what the voices are all about - or sort of, what the island healing powers come from and what the hell happened to Cindy.

Do I need to say more? Just do not miss the premiere October 4 on ABC. Same timeslot.


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