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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Emmys Week. Anybody cares?

Well, I do. At least partially. I confess that this year nominations were definitely one of the weakest in years but in any case, it is the biggest TV event in US and therefore we will tune in anyways. If not by the shows by the fashions... After all who does not wanna see how Evangeline Lilly is going to walk the red carpet? And yes, I know, Lost and Lilly were not nominated however the Lost beauty will be presenting along with our one and only hotty golly Wenty Miller ( I will talk about PB's return in a moment), Eva I-cannot-stand-her-anymore Longoria, fave president currently dead Dennis Haysbert, Ellen Pompeo and her McDreamy among others. Stage wise, it sounds a little better, huh?

In any case, to celebrate the Emmys and the new fall TV season that simply kicked off last night brilliantly with Prison Break and our guys on the run, I will be posting here all the news, some spoilers and a few dishes about our favorite shows.

Now back to PB... o-h m-y G-o-d! That was one killer epi, wasn't it? And I naively thought that this show could not get any better. But in fact, it seems to be the case here. I know I am a little biased cause watching Wenty numb my senses but come on! That was a thrilling beginning of the season. Action, suspense and twists like Veronica's death... I mean, about that... I do not know about you guys but I kind of like to see her go cause her character was so stupidly annoying that I would have killed her myself in many occasions in season 1. Thank God (or the writers?), they took care of her for me. Of course, assuming that she is actually dead-dead, because on TV nowadays, you never know. I might be wrong, but I think PB will rock. And I hope this time Fox does not have the brilliant idea to break it in two.



Anonymous Susan H. said...

Hola Lola,

Loved your name. Is it a nickie? Anyways, I liked your site idea and I hope you keep on delivering the goods. I am a PB die hard fan and loved last night episode. I am looking forward tpo the season.

12:06 PM  

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