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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More About Reality Shows...

Responding to my previous post... Yes, Project Runway is the best reality show evah! And the reason for that is, it keeps getting better each episode. This week's, the designers had to make a garment for an international jet setter: themselves. If by not this twist, they had to fly to, where else?, Paris with their outfit and be graded accordingly. Jeffrey won with his rock star wannabe look. Loved it, especially after last week's blow, however Michael to me looks like the contestant to beat. His creations are always interesting, if not innovative and totally wearable. Love him. The looser who had to fly straight back home was Angela. Seriously, I have no idea how the hell this hillby girl was still in the competition and Allison was not. She will not be missed, for sure.

If PR is heading towards the top reality shows... Laguna Beach is sinking to the bottom. By the way, who is watching that crap besides me? I confess: I am addicted to the idea of the show but this season, those plain Janes are getting into my nerves.... and the story lines... it is like only about which party they are gonna crash next. Is that exciting? How? Oh, please tell me I was not that bitchy or stupid, or shallow or whatever when I was a teenager... I could not have been, could I? Anyway, if the show continues in that direction I will be cheering for a cancellation, cause once an addict, always an addict no matter how crappy it gets. And quite frankly, it cannot get crappier! I am already starting to miss LC... and her show was not that good either...

And how about Rock Star Supernova? Last week's Magni performance as one of the bottom three ruled, dude. That was the best performance I saw so far in the show. And this year, the show is so great with amazing performances. I think even for those who do not like rock and roll, the show is a must-watch TV. I am gonna be very honest with you guys... I would not know which one to choose if I was a Supernova band member, so great the contestants are. And Ryan voted off this week? A major surprise to me. I did not think he would be the one picked to front Supernova but I thought he would make to the final selection... Sooo wrong I was... Although I love Storm, I think she will be the next to go. And besides Magni and Dilana, I think Toby won me lately and any of these 3 can be the new band singer... Any bets?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway - Best. Reality Show. Ever?

It is not because I have fashion in my blood but Project Runway is definitely, tied with The Amazing Race, the best reality show on TV. This season in particular, the show is THIS good. I mean, the tasks, the characters(yeah, because they are!), the twists, the surprises, the drama, the dresses... everything simply works. And they come in the right doses.

After last week's shocker (my personal favorite Allison was aufed from the show instead of Vincent - the nut head case - who I personally would never ever order a dress from), who could have imagined that this week we would have another twist? And equally big.

First, a new set of models: a family member of each one of the contestants showed up on the catwalk to be picked but not by their own. Drama, drama, drama. Funny thing noted: as the designers started to pick their models... they started by picking the thinner ones first, cause you know, designers nowadays only think and design for a size 2 women. Larger than that, they have not a clue about! Totally unvisited territory.

And we had even more drama between Angela's mother and Jeffrey... I mean, I know Jeffrey can be an ass some times but hey, that woman and her sweet voice not even once convinced me she was a victim there. She was a mellow, dissimulated beyotch. And I was very glad to see Jeffrey staying other than leaving although his creation was not the most flattering outfit. Robert was the one sent home for his plain designs that had become very much Robert's style(or lack of it?) on the show. But, the real surprise, besides the fact that Laura is actually pregnant with her sixth child (OMG: is she insane?), was seeing Vincent - yeah, Vincent! -winning the damn competition. And more surprisingly, with a really wearable and pretty dress. I guess, Uli's mom (aka Vincent's model) had a lot to do with it, but hey, that is just my bitchy opinion.

In any case, that was a killer episode and I cannot wait to see who will win this darn hot thing. And if you are not watching it, you are missing a great abfab show! My faves? After Allison and Keith withdraws, Uli and Michael. By the way, loved Michael's dress! I could be wearing it right now...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Yeap! Nothing better than to start our "WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR FAVE SHOWS THIS SEASON" series with our mighty, fave of all faves, Lost.

Well, since the end of season 2 last May, we know more or less what season 3 was going to be all about. And with a few hints here and there by its producers and cast, we can safely assume that good things are coming. Or at least, some good answers to some yet unanswered questions are expected, especially regarding "Otherville". Who the hell are the OTHERS? Where and how do they live? What the heck do they want with the beauty trio? I guess, it is safe to bet, those questions will be answered. But if those answers will raise a few others, well... yet to be seen.

Some new additions to the cast will include Elizabeth Mitchell who will probably be a member of the Others who will have some sort of relationship with Jack and the cutie blonde from Related, Kiele Sanchez who will possibly be the new Latino hunk Rodrigo Santoro's love interest on the island. About those last two newbies: well, I know some people mentioned that they might be part of the other survivors who never had a storyline or anything, but to me, they will show up at the island because of the "little" incident that Locke and Desmond made happened. Maybe because of it their plane, boat or spacecraft (who knows? it is a TV show for Christ's sake!) crashed on the island... But hey, this is just me, speculating... nothing but.

And speaking of cast additions... Michael Emerson (Henry Gale) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) are now part of the main cast, the regulars. Super.

The Plot lines: they will let the island mythology rest (but don't worry the lostzilla- smoking monster - will be back) and cut a little on the main cast flashbacks and will invest on the Others as I mentioned before, on what happened on the island before Dharma Initiative landed there, on some sand romances and on what Penny Widmore and crew is all about.

Plus, they intend to show 6 nonstop epis and then go on a 13 week break to return with 16 or 17 new epis straight away. IMHO this will only lead us, Lostees, into a very long and dry Cold Turkey... But, anyways, it is wait and see.

Other Revelations: we will know how Locke ended up in a wheel chair,why Libby went insane, how Jack got his tatoos, what the voices are all about - or sort of, what the island healing powers come from and what the hell happened to Cindy.

Do I need to say more? Just do not miss the premiere October 4 on ABC. Same timeslot.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Emmys Week. Anybody cares?

Well, I do. At least partially. I confess that this year nominations were definitely one of the weakest in years but in any case, it is the biggest TV event in US and therefore we will tune in anyways. If not by the shows by the fashions... After all who does not wanna see how Evangeline Lilly is going to walk the red carpet? And yes, I know, Lost and Lilly were not nominated however the Lost beauty will be presenting along with our one and only hotty golly Wenty Miller ( I will talk about PB's return in a moment), Eva I-cannot-stand-her-anymore Longoria, fave president currently dead Dennis Haysbert, Ellen Pompeo and her McDreamy among others. Stage wise, it sounds a little better, huh?

In any case, to celebrate the Emmys and the new fall TV season that simply kicked off last night brilliantly with Prison Break and our guys on the run, I will be posting here all the news, some spoilers and a few dishes about our favorite shows.

Now back to PB... o-h m-y G-o-d! That was one killer epi, wasn't it? And I naively thought that this show could not get any better. But in fact, it seems to be the case here. I know I am a little biased cause watching Wenty numb my senses but come on! That was a thrilling beginning of the season. Action, suspense and twists like Veronica's death... I mean, about that... I do not know about you guys but I kind of like to see her go cause her character was so stupidly annoying that I would have killed her myself in many occasions in season 1. Thank God (or the writers?), they took care of her for me. Of course, assuming that she is actually dead-dead, because on TV nowadays, you never know. I might be wrong, but I think PB will rock. And I hope this time Fox does not have the brilliant idea to break it in two.


Friday, August 18, 2006

The Bitches are Baaaack!

Okay, my "I never mention I watch" TV Show is back. Or should I say, Laguna Beach is baaaack? In any way, how come the girls are sooo young and so bitchy? Is it like a teenager requirement nowadays? It seems like it. Anyways...

Of course it was just the very first epi of the third season and it is way too soon to judge. However, after the show we had a little preview on what is coming up. And the ingredients that made the show a hit are all there: teen drama, boyfriend drama, girlfriend drama, drama, drama, drama. All the same all over again just with different faces. Cute faces though. Nevertheless, they could at least change the situations a little bit. Like, why do the guys have to dish over a one-on-one basketball game? How about over a scuba diving lesson or something? Well, at least the houses are still fabulous!

On the other hand... The girls sense of style? Not so much. Well, wtf are those long square nails for? To look like a tacky well-to-do whore? Is it by any chance an OC trend? I do not think so cause... Would you picture Marissa or Summer wearing such a horrific thing? Hell, no! And how about all those bling-blings??? Too much, huh? But anyway, the soundtrack, still rocks. But hey, it is MTV. It has to rock!

If am I gonna watch it? Hell yes!!!! But please, do not tell anyone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome to TV Whores!

As you could see by last night Weeds epi, I was not kidding, was I? But hey, although I like some spoilers, this site is not going to be all about the very first hand, never mentioned spoilers around, but also a place to talk about anything TV. Last nite water cooler moments? Absolutely. New plots for upcoming epis? Totally. Hot guys scenes anywhere? Are you kidding me? Why not?! So, let's dish.

Who am I? Well, I am no inside TV person, neither a journalist, for that matter. Let's say that I have great and fast connections that allow me to have a clue or two about our fave shows around. Plus guys, I read cyber news a lot, so I am possible one of the best sources around to pass stories, gossips, spoilers... And of course, I am a third degree TV junkie. Helpless one. So, let me do the dirty work for you. And all you have to do is to take your diet soda to your computer and access this blog and all the must-read news will pop up in a blink of an eye. Better than that? Just the new Lost season.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Some Major Weeds Fix...

If you do not want to know what is gonna happen in the first 4 epis, do not read it at all, cause contains major spoilers. But if you do want to know, well, then greenlight yourself. But fast your seat belts first, cause this seems to be a wilder season!

The Hindu guy that now is taking care of Nancy's bakery, set the shop on fire to collect the insurance. Mission accomplished.

Nancy and Conrad break up their friendship but soon restore it. Celia's husband get even with Conrad for screwing up his wife. Celia decides to run against Doug.

Nancy's brother in law teaches her youngest son a thing or two about self-service jerking off in one of the funniest scenes ever and yet, takes the boy for his first hand-job ever. Not kidding here!

Nancy will come up with an excuse to break up with her DEA lover: his job is just too dangerous to bear. But the guy is way smarter than she thought and he had already figure out what she does for a living. He states that she is small fish and is not interested in jail her at all. And to prove that he wants to be with her because, he and Nancy go to Vegas and marry in one of those Elvis' chapel. This way, in any circumstances he can go against her on court, ever!

The new "growing" venture get established in a new neighborhood and they already get problems with one of their neighbor.

Nancy's older son will have this "great idea" to keep her deaf girlfriend attached to him eternally: he will pin a condom without her knowing it and bum! impregnate her. Drama to come!